Thursday, May 17, 2007

Nobody could dial a breakfast like mother

A while back I asked if anyone out there had any Scooby Doo underscore music. Nobody fuckin' did. I happened to stumble upon some Hanna Barbera junk last night and ended up with this next gem, underscore music to the Jetsons cartoon. Eleven whole minutes of shit. You can pop this bitch on and pretend your George Jetson, then go fuck Judy's wide asshole. That's all you fucks think about anyway, isn't it? I do a Google image search on the Jetsons and the first three pages were nothing but fantasy porn drawings of the Jetsons fuckin'. Can't anyone watch a cartoon anymore without fantasizing about it and beating off? Fuckin' perverts.

There might be more of this shit to follow, who knows. This comes from the Hanna Barbera Pic-a-Nic Basket volume 2 LP.

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