Thursday, April 19, 2007

When a man climbs on top of a woman, she becomes ugly

Yesterday, I had some interesting things to say about ZERO IN AND SCREAM, but this morning I just can't remember what they were. No loss, I'm sure. This guy ain't too hot on broads being pigs, and since they're all pigs he's gotta run around with his rifle and pick them off. Pretty mean-spirited, but that's the way I fuckin' like it.

Buncha fuckin' songs here, I forget how many. They range from stupid stripper rock to jazzy nightmares. What a fuckin' mess. You probably won't love it, but that's what happens when you swallow too much semen.

Friday, April 6, 2007

Ein Reich, Ein Volk, Ein Volkswagon

Is there anyone out there that can hook me up with this record? I hear it was really lousy, but I just gotta hear the fuckin' thing for myself. Der Fuhrer - The Rock Opera was written by Siems and Quintus and performed by members of Parzival. Allegedly, the production of this album was surrounded by some strange circumstances - such as speakers suddenly making loud banging noises and disembodied voices appearing on the tapes that were previously not there. Whatever.
If anyone has the Warlock rock opera performed by Jane, I'd be most greatful to hear that as well.
P.S - No music today. Its been a hectic week. Another time, you fuck.