Thursday, December 28, 2006

I just wanted to lose my cherry to anybody ... even the garbage man!

It seems like the holiday season generally brings out the worst in most people. Its supposed to be a time of cheer or some shit like that, but everyone gets all bent on themselves. They get inconsiderate. They get aggravated. They get violent. Why does this particular holiday always seem to have that effect on the masses? Regardless, Happy Kwanzaa.

Posting a nice, calm, relaxing song today. One that will stop all this madness. If it doesn't soothe your irritated soul, maybe it will just convince you to take your own life.

The song in question is from Scream For Help, a surprisingly entertaining movie about a girl that's convinced her stepfather wants to kill her. Sounds like some Lifetime movie, but its way better than anything those morons could throw together.

Friday, December 22, 2006

I gave birth to Bigfoot's love child

Night of the Demon is probably the best Bigfoot movie ever made. Why? I'll tell you, briefly. Bigfoot gets laid. Bigfoot pulls people apart very graphically. Bigfoot even pulls out someone's intestines and beats him with them. He's not lovable. He's not misunderstood. He's just one angry, violent bastard. How can you go wrong with that shit? You can't.

The songs posted here are taken from the opening credits and the following scene where someone takes a nice, long walk.

This post is gonna have to tide you suns-uh-bitches over til after the holidays, cuz I'm gonna be living in dumpsters until then.

Monday, December 18, 2006

It is written evil will inherit the earth and laughter will echo throughout the universe...

After recently watching The Spookies again, I'm still not sure if its really meant to be a comedy or a horror movie. It plays like your average low-budget monster fare, but then there's scenes, like the farting monsters scene, that makes it seem like a parody. Is this a better version of Saturday the 14th? Regardless, its a weird fuckin' movie and I fuckin' love it.

The song in question here is the main theme. It plays during the opening and closing credits. This piece comes from the latter, seeing as its much longer.

The track is here -

P.S - Also came across this interesting article on the movie. Couldn't make this post without this here

Friday, December 15, 2006

My pyjamas can wrap their arms around you

I just watched The Pyjama Girl Case and felt it would be appropriate to post the soundtrack. Why? Because the movie is so fucked up, that's why. The movie really doesn't make much sense until the very end, and that's if you're bright enough to add everything up. There's a guy that likes to masturbate to some broad hanging her laundry. Every dry-cleaners owner you see is deformed - one is a midget, the other has one leg. There's an old homo in a bubblebath with a bird fetish. A whore gets paid a hundred bucks to fuck two sweaty, fat dudes while a 13 year old boy watches. The police decide its a good idea to put the body of an unidentified dead girl on display, nude, and leave her open to the public in hopes of anyone recognizing her. Would be kinda hard, considering her head is black and charred.

Its a confusing mess, but I enjoyed it. It just feels so dirty. I almost felt like I had killed the bitch. As for the soundtrack, Riz Ortolani is a musical genius.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Operation Fear

I guess its time for another rather bland entry. Blah blah Kill Baby Kill blah blah Mario Bava blah blah creepy blah atmosphere blah gothic blah horror. What the fuck do I know. I was taking a shit earlier and I got some on the underside of the toilet seat somehow. Someone tell me how the fuck that happens.

The track in question is from the opening credits. Is there an official soundtrack release? Fuck if I know. If you do, enlighten me.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I was like you... before this friend of mine ripped out my eye

Umberto Lenzi's Eyeball aka Gatti rossi in un labirinto di vetro, as well as a million other fuckin' names, is an old giallo where bitches get one of their eyeballs cut out by some creep in a raincoat. I was kinda hoping it would be the dude from 'Kill your Dog and Win a Guitar', but it wasn't. I'm pretty sure that's what the zine was called. Like anyone ever read that.

Anyway, a couple tracks from that movie. Three I think, I forget. Some sound effects present, but I think it adds to the track in question. Shit.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Something evil's lurking in the dark

The other Bollywood version of "Thriller" that I came across. If this sort of thing interests you, then maybe you should go search out the videos. They're online somewhere. Like you're going to get up off your ass and get off the fuckin' computer. You've got nothing better to do then live here in cyber-space. E-mail me a beer while you're at it.

Its close to midnight

Bollywood lays down the law with the only version of Michael Jackson's
"Thriller" that counts. Fuck the original, this is some scary shit. Notice the distorted, sped up, yet still familiar riff lifted from the original song. The entire song is frightening with its menacing quality. You're almost convinced that everyone involved is insane.

I have absolutely no information on the name of this song or the artist performing it. I just lifted it from a video. There's another Indian version of "Thriller" floating around that I'll probably upload later. I also have no information on that one whatsoever.

Pull my finger.

Friday, December 8, 2006

Now you see them, now you don' you die.

Today's post is the end theme to Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark, a made-for-TV horror flick with some downright eerie vibes. I'm convinced this is where that prick King Diamond got a lot of ideas for the "Them" album, considering the opening of the movie sounds almost indentical to the opening of his album. Who gives a shit though?

Monday, December 4, 2006

You're on the road to hell

Bloodstalkers has always been a movie that sat rather weird with me. Its kinda like a more bloody version of Scooby Doo. Some douchebags go hang out at some dude's newly inherited, yet rundown cabin. Some hicks warn em against it, but they go anyway and get picked off by some sorta Bigfoot-ish creature. I can't really do this movie any justice with words. I don't feel like it either, I'm fuckin' beat.

The music lifted is from a long wandering scene and the end title. There's a long piece of gospel music in the movie as well that some completist prick can lift if they want. It annoyed me too much.


Friday, December 1, 2006

Picked up for worshiping Satan

Today's post consists of music from a little gem known as Asylum Of Satan. The movie in question is a bit haphazard and doesn't really make any sense at all, but its still enjoyable as all fuck. It is to me, anyway. You'd probably be better off sticking gerbils in your asshole while climaxing over an episode of "Lost". Weirdos.

The songs in question - the first is "The Satan Spectrum", also the original title of the movie. It was lifted from a VHS source. This song would play every time the pictured hero was driving somewhere. Fortunately, the song was repeated through the credits, so I was able to get the whole track. The second track was taken from the bonus section of the DVD. Finally, I got VD from your mother. She really needs to tell people about that shit.